Building a new home, or an entire development? Let Our Experience Guide Your Electrical Needs

From the beginning of a new build of a business or a home to the final inspection before moving in, Mustang Electric is a critical part of the construction process. Mustang Electric will be at your home or business from start to finish, guaranteeing satisfaction and quality.

Most of the following steps will be implemented by the builder and architect, and this helpful information will assist you in knowing the process of the electrical installation in your home or business. 

Electricity Plans

The first step will be a call to the electric provider for your location, which could be the Pedernales Electric Cooperative, the Central Texas Electric Cooperative, or the city of Burnet. An engineer will describe what is needed and what is allowed on the plans. These plans must be checked and approved by the city. Electrical wiring by Mustang Electric can then get underway.

Electric Options

Building a new house or business is a big process with many considerations. Here are a few thing to consider as you make your plans:


Mustang Electric can work with either LED or traditional bulbs. Other lighting options are fluorescent lights, which are more energy efficient and emit less heat, although more typical for a business than a home. Chandeliers, wall sconces, and ceiling fan lights are also options.

Remote or switch 

Turning on and off a ceiling fan with a remote can be quite convenient when you are at the dinner table or sitting on the couch. While you will still need a wall switch, this option is convenient and readily available for all of your lighting.

Electrical outlets 

Mustang Electric will help you determine the number of outlets and the best spacing for them in your living room, kitchen, baths, bedrooms, laundry room, pantry, closets, and all other areas of your home as well as outdoor outlets. GFCI and specialized outlets for washer and dryer hookups and even electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) outlets are services that Mustang Electric provides. 

A Spot for the Television

More and more, people are hanging their televisions on the wall instead of placing them on a table or console. Be sure to request outlets installed at higher locations on the wall where your TV will be hung so a cord does not dangle from the TV to the outlet. 

Sound System Access

Your sound system can be built into the walls with speaker wires to be easily accessed if you plan in advance. 

Installation for electrical work for a new build is so much more efficient when you plan in advance. Even if you don’t have the budget now for the sound system, the big TV, or the fancy chandelier, when the outlets are there, it will be a much smoother process for electrical installation in the future. 

Electric Inspection for Safety

After the work is done, installation must be approved for accuracy. A professional from your local building code community will conduct the inspection. This ensures that the electrical system is safe and will function properly when you run your disposal, flip on a light, or turn on a ceiling fan. Your oven and stove, if they are not gas-powered, also depend on electricity as well as your washer and dryer, refrigerator, television, and all of the minor appliances you use in your home or business throughout the day. 

Most important, especially during the sometimes-extreme Hill Country weather we experience each season, your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system uses the majority of the electricity and must be effective to do a top job at the lowest cost. Planning the location of the unit, which contains the furnace, evaporator coil, condensing unit, and refrigerant tubes, is part of the job of an electrician. Placement of thermostats is also electrical work. 

While Mustang Electric will plan and install all of your new electric devices and networks, it does not repair appliances or HVAC systems.


Mustang Electric staff stays up to date with the latest innovations and developments in electrical products and meets the National Electric Code. Your electrician will give guidance to both the builder and the engineer to ensure you have the most effective and efficient electrical system, down to the last details.

Call Mustang Electric to establish plans and installation on your new home or business construction.