Don’t Get Left In The Cold, Call Mustang Electric for A Whole Home Generator


Mustang Electric of Marble Falls offers Hill Country residents and businesses a wide selection of generators, large and small, designed to kick in when the regular power goes out. A home generator is typically used for backup electricity in extreme weather (high temperatures, freezes, lightning strikes) and for when the electric grid cannot power all the needs of a community. Businesses such as banks, medical facilities, doctor’s offices, and restaurants want a generator to protect from power outages so lives, critical information, and food are not lost. Mustang Electric customers keep the lights on!

Home Generators

Generators are a staple in many Texas Hill Country homes that either do not have access to a power grid, prefer to power their own electricity, or want to have it as a backup. The pandemic that hit the area in March 2020, the winter storms of 2021, and the intense heat of a Texas summer have produced huge demands for in-home generators. Mustang Electric is here to help meet the demand.

The power needed for a typical home is 48 kilowatts, which covers the whole house, including the HVAC and electric systems, stove, refrigerator, and lights. If you have a pool or hot tub, a 96-kilowatt generator will be required. Mustang Electric can assess your home to determine the wattage needed. An installed home generator will be powered by either natural gas or propane. The motor produces electromagnetic energy that can power the desired voltage.

Different types of generators

Each individual will have different preferences for a generator. One of the benefits of living in America is the variety of products available. You can purchase generators from Mustang Electric of Marble Falls in a huge array of sizes, features, and costs. 

Installed Generator variety

A smaller generator can be a good budget buy with about 6 kilowatts of power and eight circuits to keep the basic items in your home up and running. One desired option that can add to the cost of a generator is the noise level. The quieter they are, the more they cost.

Another desired option for some is size, especially for those with narrow yards and small spaces. Also, some generators will automatically turn on when the power grid goes down, but be sure to ask your Mustang Electric representative whether you have this choice.

In Texas, residents may desire a generator that has a coolant system to protect it during a hot spring, summer, or fall. 

Having a generator on hand in emergencies protects your family and keeps them in comfort. An elderly person or a baby will not be able to withstand extreme heat or cold. Mustang Electric can install a generator to suit your needs and keep everyone in comfort and safety.

Business generators

Generators are built in single-phase or three-phase power applications. While most homes are run on single-phase, three-phase generators are produced for multi-family residences, multiple homes powered by a generator, and businesses. The three-phase generator produces three separate waves of electrical power to ensure a continuous flow of energy without a dip as may happen with a single-phase generator.

The obvious reason for hospitals, banks, nursing homes, and even some restaurants to install a backup generator is that they need lights to function as well as air conditioning or heaters for comfort should there be an electricity outage. Any business that loses power is at risk.

Hospitals and nursing homes must save the lives of people on machines powered by electricity, and banks typically need computers to conduct business. Restaurants need refrigeration for food freshness and safety. Mustang Electric has familiarity with and experience in advising customers on buying the right business generator. 

An important factor in your installation of a generator, which Mustang Electric can clearly explain, is a transfer switch. This is not just for cutting power to a circuit. It also transfers the path of electricity from one source to another. With a large generator, the transfer occurs from the utility source to the generator. Electrical circuits must form a continuous loop, and a switching device functions like a gate in that loop. A transfer switch changes the connection from the utility source to the generator. 

Shopping for a generator is easy with Mustang Electric of Marble Falls. We assess what generator is right for your situation, regarding wattage, size, fuel source, and budget. Your highest-cost generators are the priciest, starting at about $3,000, while a portable generator starts much lower, from $300-$1,000.